Sporting Introductions: Curling

What is curling? What is the objective? How is it played, and what are the rules? Well this post will help you understand the basics of curling and how it is played. Curling is generally played indoors on a sheet of ice. While it may look like an ice skating rink, it is not. A curling court has a regulation standard rink and is played with large objects that look like large, thick disks. These disks are made of stone. And are pushed down the ice with objects that look like large brooms, because that is generally what they are.

The stones that are used in the game are made of granite. Weighted heavily to give the game a boost. There are four players on each side and of course there is a goalie. The rules of curling are similar to shuffleboard and the end goal is the accumulate the most points per game and there are an average of eight to ten games total.

Curling has been around for hundreds of years. It was originally played in Scotland during the medieval era and the stones came from the river. Because of the nature of the stones many of the games were based on luck rather then precision. Now the game is purely based on precision due to the fact that the stones are of regulation size and weight.

Curling has become so popular that it is now an olympic sport. It has gone far beyond Canada to all four corners of the globe. There are woman’s teams and mens teams; even teams that combine men and woman. These are usually championship teams, meaning, the best winners play together. The sport was introduced into the Olympic lineup fairly early on; around 1924.

Curling may look like a simple sport with the sweeping of the brooms but it is not. Each team member guiding the stone down the ice has to sweep the ice just right to ease curl and trajectory. The constant sweep pattern of the broom creates friction on the ice and that helps ease the stone down the center of the ice. The shoes are also unique. Each shoe is different. One helps you slide down the ice and the other keeps you stable on the ice so you don’t go down the ice with the stone. The stone, broom and shoes are the main components needed to play.

There are amateur curling clubs and leagues all over the country. There are clubs just for beginners and specialty clubs for top-notch players but it is a great sport to learn and can be an excellent hobby. It does not take much to start and it can be a great way to make new friends as you are playing in teams, yelling at each other (players have to guide each other) and working together. Find a curling league in your neighborhood and start learning the fun yet challenging sport of curling. You won’t be disappointed.

Sporting Introductions: Lacrosse

In today’s modern world lacrosse is a sport you will find played everyday across the country at hundreds of schools and after school clubs. The sport of lacrosse is synonymous with young children and teenagers but the sport is much older then the typical high school player. The sport was eventually identified and named in the seventeenth century as what it is today. It was played across Canada in leagues and clubs until it became what it is today.
Primarily there are strictly mens teams and woman’s teams only. The rules for woman’s teams are rather different then rules for the mens team. Woman wear only a mouthguard although some teams do wear some sort of head gear, and there is not body checking. Men’s lacrosse however is a bit more aggressive. Just like hockey men’s teams are allowed to body check each other, obviously leading to more injury when all male teams compete. The only protection men’s teams have are mouth guards.

Lacrosse has a rather interesting history that should be forgotten about either. It was popularized in Canada hundreds of years ago. It was played by the native american Indians and then eventually transcended through out Canada. Also, originally, a stick and ball were used. It was just that simple. Eventually rules and standards were implemented. An amazing fact about this sport should be noted; there were up to one thousand people playing against each other at one time. And it was an all out battle. Now, teams typically have up to ten players on each side. Not including the goalie.

The sport spread from Canada to other countries, one of them being Australia and then became very popular throughout Eastern Asia. It is also played in clubs, leagues and in many division one high schools and colleges. It has become so popular that it is was featured at a few summer Olympic events but has yet to become a mainstay. Generally, lacrosse is played at an international level so it still has high notoriety.

Picking up the sport can be a great way to get exercise, prove your stamina and agility but also work together with other likeminded individuals in a great team environment. It is a successful sport that will bring people together for years to come. So, Join a team, find a club or a league and prove yourself on the lacrosse field. You may end up finding a sport you can really get behind.